Why Helix is a great venue for our conference

Researchers Craig Robson and Alistair Ford explain more about next year's GISRUK conference and why the Helix site is the perfect place for it to be held.

GISRUK (GIS Research UK) is a national conference series bringing together those from academia and industry to share updates on the most recent research in the field of GIS (Geographic Information Science).

Capture, analysis and presentation of geographic data

GIS, a science that involves the capture, analysis and presentation of geographic data, or data with a location, is a cross-disciplinary field that attracts researchers from many disparate areas, from medical research to archaeology to climate change. GISRUK brings people together from a vast array of backgrounds and generates a diverse mix of presentations and discussions where ideas and concepts can be shared between different research disciplines.

It is 10 years since the conference last visited the North East, when it was jointly organised between Durham, Northumbria and Newcastle universities. GISRUK 2019 provides an opportunity for work within the University and from across the North East to be showcased. The Urban Sciences Building on the Helix site also provides the perfect location, with great facilities for hosting a large event of over 200 delegates, while still being close to the city centre and the attractions it offers. The convenience of the location, with both the Discovery Museum and St. James’ Park within easy walking distance, makes hosting evening social events much easier. The Newcastle Urban Observatory, Spatial Analysis and Modelling Lab, the Urban Traffic Management Centre, and School of Computing are all located in the USB, meaning experts in both spatial data and handling ‘Big Data’ are sure to be on hand to provide key insights.

From Data to Decisions

This edition of the conference will run from 23-26th April, with workshops for early career researchers on the 23rd and the main conference starting with a welcome lunch on the 24th, before finishing at lunch on the 26th. The workshops, focused on those just entering a career in research, mix opportunities to hear from established researchers and from geospatial specialists in industry, as well as training in technical and research skills. The main conference, on the theme of ‘From Data to Decisions’, will feature three invited keynote speakers and around 50 accepted talks and a similar number of posters. There is also a panel session planned with the opportunity for attendees to hear from experts in both academia and industry and hopefully representation from the recently formed UK Geospatial Commission, who are tasked with allowing the potential of geospatial data to be unlocked further. Other key industry specialists are already signed up including one of our first sponsors, Ordnance Survey.

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