Newcastle's Systems of Systems

Groundbreaking report reveals Newcastle to be a leading smart and innovative urban living city.

As Britain’s cities embrace smart digital and technological developments, one of the biggest challenges will be how to embed these opportunities into existing public-service delivery and governance mechanisms, and how to make those changes visible and meaningful for the non-tech communities.

A new report prepared by Urban Foresight - a multidisciplinary innovation practice that is dedicated to accelerating the next generation of technologies, services and policy frameworks for cities - explores Newcastle's journey towards smart and innovative urban living.

Featuring comment from Tom Warburton (Director of Place, Newcastle City Council), Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones (Director fo newcastle City Futures, Newcastle University) and spotlights on various aspects of Newcastle Helix, it is a great introduction to the innovation, impact and identity of Newcastle and the North East.

You can download the report from the Newcastle City Futures website.

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