Building named to inspire innovation and collaboration

The £50m home to the National Innovation Centre for Ageing and the National Innovation Centre for Data has been named to inspire collaboration and creativity.

Bringing together business, academics, the NHS and the public, the building will be called 'The Catalyst'.

The National Innovation Centre for Ageing provides state-of-the-art facilities to help develop, build, test and market a broad range of new products designed to make our lives easier as we age. That includes everything from designing homes to rethinking transport and mobility.

It is also the home of Voice, a unique organisation made up of citizens who work with universities and other bodies to improve the focus, quality, relevance and impact of research and help make a positive difference to the lives of older people across the globe.

The National Innovation Centre for Data is empowering businesses to create category redefining products using digital data. The Centre connects the brightest technologists with businesses, helping them unlock the benefits of data science. The focus is on specific challenges, including health, automotive and manufacturing, tackling everything from providing intelligence for apps, helping predict health issues, and making household appliances smarter, to maintaining transport and machinery and empowering us all to be more energy-efficient.

The level of detail and thought in the building's design is explored in an excellent article from Jonathan Hunter from GSSArchitecture.

Together with the Urban Sciences Building and the Frederick Douglass Centre, the building forms the Science Square portion of the Newcastle Helix site.

Site tours are available on the first friday of every month and places can be booked online.

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